Full Lenormand Reading (Fast Turnaround in 24hrs)

$145.00 $95.00

Lenormand Card Readings are incredibly accurate in pinpointing the surrounding energies and issues in your immediate environment, as well and an excellent predicator of future unfolding. A full Lenormand Reading is an hour of development of the story behind your Grand Tableau (your story, including matters of love, money, health, and career.) If you have a specific question,  you may submit your question on the checkout page. Sessions are uploaded within 24 hours.

Upon Checkout, please enter your questions (if any) into the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / ORDER NOTES section at the bottom of the checkout page. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt. Thank you for your interest in working with me to give you the highest and best guidance towards clarity and transformation.

Lenormand Readings can be incredibly accurate, however be advised that you will be given advice based on energies I am reading in the cards. How you choose to dance with that advice is your choice, always my loves.

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